A place where anyone who is teachable can find a place and play a part.

Establish a strong, deep community of worshipers that are technically trained and equipped to serve the Lord at Bayside Community Church.

A place where everyone is a leader and every leader is training and equipping someone.

Bayside Productions, or BayPro for short, is responsible for the different elements that are required for producing weekend services, conferences, and many other events that occur here at the church.  Most of what we do is highly technical in nature – we have team members running soundboards, operating cameras, managing the lyrics and content on the screens, programming and running all of the lights that are found on and above the platform, and ensuring our services are streamed online without issue.  But don’t let the technical nature of what we do be a roadblock.  If you have a heart to serve and a willingness to learn, we will gladly train you, regardless of past technical experience.  We also have positions that are not as technical in nature, such as our platform managers, who are responsible for monitoring the flow of the service, ensuring people are in the proper places at the proper times, and bringing out the podium or other items for our speakers. If this sounds like something you would like to learn more about, let us know!